Photographers I don’t want to forget.


Here to organise my photography notes to prevent conversations such as ‘You should really check out this photographer which name I forgot’

Artists who play with fictional narratives, through (absent of) sound, mixing different images, language:


  • John Akomfrah

Using sound/noise to suggest direction for images, craft narrative through this.

  • Aernout Mik
  • Tova Mozard (maybe a bit too conceptual, too dry)

● Janet Cardiff, Night Walk for Edinburgh

● Tracey Moffatt

● Gisele Vienne, choreographer, Crowd



  • Lygia Clark (sculpture)
  • Teju Cole (photographs like a painter, similar to Harry Gruyeart or Alex Web but visually more silent)
  • Harry Gruyeart (street, color)
  • John DIvola (also how his website is designed, chaos, amazing)
  • Juan Gris


Classical about time in photography:

● Dawoud Bey, Birmingham project and polaroids

● Fiona Tan, video portraits


Maps projects 

● Jon Rafman, You the World and I, 2010

● Jan Rothuizen

Websites on maps:,8.49,465/loc=6.394,51.738


●Norma I. Quintana, A Travelling life.

●Mary Ellen Mark, Indian Circus.


Non American photographers, photographing the US, American photographers documenting the US (what am I looking for?):

● Dana Lixenberg (Dutch), Imperial Courts.

●Robin de Puy (Dutch), If This Is True.

●Jacob Holdt(Danish), American Pictures

●Robert Frank(Swiss)

● Katy Grannan (US), Model America

●Taryn Simon (US), American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar.



● Jane campion- A girl’s Own Story. On sisters, a lot left unsaid, recognisable behaviour related to age.

● Sian Davey, Martha.

● Joanna Piotrowska, FROWST

● Darcy Padilla, Family Love.

●Beppie, Johan van der Keuken

●Dries Verhoeven, You are here.

● Sally Mann, Family Pictures.

● Richard Billingham, Ray’s laugh.

● Larry Sultan, Pictures from Home.



● Collier Schorr, 8 women.

● Sunil Gupta, worth checking all his projects. Text and image.

● Zanele Muholi.

● Goodyn Green

● Simons Finnerty, Fantastic Man #32

Photo Montage:

  • Luther Konadu- Figure as index (also related to family)

● John Heartfield, Photomontages of the Nazi period.  J.Heartfield himself was nr.5 on the most wanted list from the SS during WWII.

● Martha Rosler, House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home.

● Alex Prager

●Florence Henri

● Katrien De Blauwer

Also, her book designs:

● Sara Cwynar

● The Atlas Group- Better Be watching the clouds

● Miguel Angel Tornero, the random series




Office projects:

●Florian van Roekel

● Lars Tunbjork, Office

● Thomas Thwaites
● Paul Shambroom, Office Series, Meetings


  • Carlos Spottorno- PIGS magazine



● Michael Snow, Cover to Cover (looping)


Video/photo projects on one person:

● Agnes Varda, Jane Birkin

● Anais Lopez, No bird Sang


Projects where the person or subject doesn’t know it’s being photographed:

● Miroslav Tichy.

● Yola Monakhov Stockton, sending a pinhole camera to herself.

● Andrea Alesandrini, Argo (on surveillance cameras)

● John Schabel, Passengers.

● Peter Funch, 42nd and Vanderbilt.

● Philip Lorca diCorcia, Heads.

Photographers I still need to organise:
John Divola- too cool to describe. Amazing website, chaos.
Lygia Clark
David Claerbout-digitally manipulating archival material
Teju Cole- photographs like a painter
Peter Puklus
Jen Davis
Lee Jeffries
Lewis Hine en Diane Arbus (their similarities?) (SS-168)
Bert stern
Bas losekoot
Garry winogrand
Harry callahan
Mark Cohen
Ralph Gibson
Duane michals
Lisette model
Stephen shore
John sharkowski
Chema madoz
Morad bouchakour- Man hattan
Ian ruther
Thurston Hopkins
Maria Austria-toneel-WWll
Lydia Goldblatt-reportage docu
Juul Hondius-geanceneerde journalistiek
self representation
-Katy Grannan-model American (still relevant today? 2022)
Juan gris – composition
Otto Dix- portrait of the journalist sylvia von harden
-Kiko Mori
Burt glinn
Barbara iweins
Bill Sullivan
Eamon Doyle
Alfred eisenstaedt
Eli reed
Larry towel
Tadao cern
Portret Joe dallesandro door Leibovitz
Bruce Gilden
Astrid verhoef-gup magazine
Ata kando- droom in het woud
Vincent mentzel
Taryn Simon
Yousef karsh
Good printer: Pieter swentsen
Andrew Bush- 66drives
Alexander gronsky-pastoral/moscow suburbs
Henryk Ross- wo2. Getto
Tony Ray Jones
Joel sternfield-elephant
William eggleston
Danny Lyon
Shomei tomatsu-hiroshima, nagasaki
Mats nissen
Fabricio monteiro-a gorean summer
David magnusson
Teun hock
Paul graham( the shimmer of possiblelitys
Kiana hayeri (Iran,docu)
Trent Parke (overbelichte personen)
Antoine D’agata (zw)
Leon levinstein (zw, straat)
Fausto podavini (reportage/docu)
Harry gruyaert (straat,kleur)
Philippe chancel-magasin general (hoe fotografeer je mensen achter de toonbank?)
Roger Minick (toeristen fotografie)
Chris- Dorley Brown (straatfotografie,langdurend project)
Jeff Koons-made in heaven (is het kunst of is het pornografie?)
Oscar Gustav Rejlander
Henry Peach Robinson
Robert Demachy
Carrie Mae Weems -self portraits
Zuid Afrikaanse fotografen:
Pieter Hugo
Santu Mofokeng
Zahene muholi (portrer, lgbt)
Grafisch ontwerper:
Paul Schuitemach
Rob van esch
William Albert Allard
Feng Li-White Night
Ethisch of onethisch:
Gary Gross foto van Brooke Shield
Marco Evaristti-goldfish in blender
Het mixen van gezichten:
-die Duitser van de Becher schule.
-Türk Péter
Marieke wessels
Thomas Demand
Beijing silvermine
Vrouwelijke fotograferen fotograferen vrouwen:
Ellen von Unwerth
Curator: Nadine Barth
Autograph OBP
Rotimi Dani kayode