Iza Noticing Something


photo collage series, turned into an installation.


On estranged street encounters and how it makes us experience public space.


There are so many perspectives in which an encounter between random people can be 

interpreted. It can be confusing to understand why this is happening in the first place. 

This photo series started with the unclarity in which strangers can encounter each other. 

How do we respond to the people around us when we don’t understand the situation that 

we’re in?

Photo collage of Iza.

Video collage

 It’s a looping story where both Iza and Ünal can be found in the window.

Immersive installations in public and private space:

In the public space: shopping window, opposite of a nightclub.
Build up shot from the inside, towards the street.
Estrangement in the public space can arise when public and private merges.
How to make the video merge with the private space?