On Zenzi Lounge

Beeld&Geluid Museum Den Haag


Commission for Image and Sound Museum The Hague | Beeld&Geluid Museum Den Haag.

On Zenzi Lounge is an exhibition where an ambiguous street moment between two people is documented from two perspectives. In here the position of the viewer is researched

in two ways:


Through the images:

The research started by getting to know my neighbours; who are they and how do they experience Laakkwartier? I asked by Neighbour Ünal, whom I’ve met while he was cleaning this rooftop a year ago, if he wanted to recreate the moment on the roof.

Together we filmed a scene of him on the roof looking out over the square. I added different unrelated elements (a wig and gloves) that could be start of a narrative but the images didn’t fill it in. The scene was filmed from two different perspectives. This added more possible narratives, but these narratives were left open for interpretation.

The videos include accidental passers by who looked up and not being sure why he was up there. The scene had the potential to become a newsworthy moment if there was context created around it. But this was on purposely left out, leaving the situation in a grey area of possible suspense of nothing happening. Playing with the media’s rush to frame a moment in the public space with a presented clarity which often results in the rigid black and white framing between good or bad.

Through the exhibition space:

The position of the visitor was also questioned in the space itself. In the space the video of the man on the roof was displayed on the ceiling. On the ground, below the tv’s, stood actual residence of this square, printed as life size people on foam board. They looked up to their neighbour Ünal. Below the people I cut out images of the sky and seagulls and placed them on the ground. Making the people on foam board and the actual museum visitors to be in between two skies. The position of the viewers is now a bit up in the air.