The Pisa Wallpaper.


This project started as a research where I wanted to compare our primate behavior to the way we pose. I choose to focus on the Tower of Pisa, a situation where we are all alike in our posing behavior. I decided to cut out the people to focus on their pose. During this project I got so overwhelmed by the endless availability I had towards other people’s photos it changed the course of the project.

Thanks to Facebook I was able to collect around 300 people posing. Do these people realize that when they “Check in” through Facebook at the Tower of Pisa, their photos get collected on one page where everybody has access to it? Is it ignorance or do they really don’t know that I can enjoy their holiday with them from beginning till end?


Because I did not wanted it to be immediately clear for people what they were looking at I reduced their size and placed them in a pattern to make it more graphic from a distance. I tried to create balanced squares by looking at their poses, clothing color, man/women and nationality. When I placed them in a wallpaper strip it became 5 meters long.

Would these tourist share their photos again like they did before if they knew they could end up in a bedroom or a toilet?

Professional assistance upon request.